Early Bird Ranch Forest-Raised Pork Shares

Exquisite pork, custom cut, at an affordable price

Our forest-raised pigs eat a diverse diet including organic greens from Blue House Farm.

Our forest-raised pigs eat a diverse diet including organic greens from Blue House Farm.


Early Bird Ranch is once again offering the opportunity to get in on a whole or half share of pork.  This is by far the most affordable way to get forest-raised pork, and it’s custom cut to your specifications! 

We will be selling these exquisite pigs on a first-come first-served basis with the goal of having them slaughtered on Wednesday, August 26. Whole shares will have approximately 150-180 pounds of pork and half shares roughly 75-90 pounds depending ultimately on the size of the pigs.

An example of a simple half share would include about 13lbs of pork chops, 3lbs spare ribs, 9lbs of ground pork, a 15lb fresh ham, 8lbs bacon, 10lb shoulder roast, 4lb butt roast, 5lb stew bones, 8lbs fat for rendering or making sausage.  For those of you looking for a smaller order, feel free to take advantage of the great whole/half share price now by teaming up with friends and family to split a share.

Because we are selling live pigs, owners of whole or half shares can choose to have them slaughtered, cut, and wrapped at one of the many California state inspected facilities. This does not mean you have to pick up and handle a live pig, though! We can recommend and arrange transportation, slaughter, and cut and wrap services for those who are interested so all you do is pick up the final product. However, for legal purposes it cannot be understated that how you choose to process the pig will ultimately be up to you.

After purchasing your pig from Early Bird Ranch and accounting for transportation, slaughter, and cut and wrap services, we expect the final cost to you to be approximately $7.00-$8.00 per pound of meat you bring home.  For comparison, when we sold cuts, none (aside from bones and un-rendered fat) came in below this price per pound--this isn't just better than the average price for cuts, this is better than all prices for cuts!

A basic plan that we recommend would look like the following:
1. Purchase a whole or half share of a live pig from Early Bird Ranch for $2.75 (whole) or $3.00 (half) per pound live weight.
2. Contract with Jordan Rosenblum to transport pig from Early Bird Ranch to slaughter and then to the cut and wrap facility for $60 flat fee for whole pigs and a $30 flat fee for half shares.
3. Have your pig slaughtered at Bar None Ranch in Tunitas Creek for $60 flat fee for whole pigs and a $30 flat fee for half shares.
4. Have your slaughtered pig cut and wrapped to your specifications at Willow Glen Meats in Los Altos for approximately $1-$2 per pound hanging weight (the weight after the animal has been killed and eviscerated). The difference in price depends on the types of services you’d like.  The most affordable plans are simply breaking the pig down into ground pork, pork chops, and steaks and the most expensive plans include smoking and curing the meat.  Be sure to ask about ingredients for curing or sausage-making that concern you, such as nitrates, gluten, and MSG.  They do have some recipes that avoid these ingredients.
5. Pick up your meat from Willow Glen and enjoy.

Without a doubt, the diverse diet these pigs enjoyed and the emphasis on an active and stress-free life will produce pork unlike any other being offered on the West Coast.

If you are interested in ordering please contact us as soon as possible! Last time we sold pork this way, the shares sold very quickly!