Early Bird Ranch hosts a variety of tours throughout the year, and we


Bi-Annual Free Tours:  Twice a year we open the farm to customers and neighbors and invite them to come see what's going on at Early Bird Ranch.  See all the animals on the farm, and help out with some chores.  Ask your burning sustainable food questions, and take some pictures of happy animals living healthy lives on our beautiful coastal pasture.  Afterward, buy some product at ranch prices!

Saturday. May 31, 10a-12p

Sunday, September 21, 3p-5p

Although these tours are free, we request that you RSVP at our Good Eggs webstand so we know to expect you!  Please leave your pets at home.  Our enthusiastic dogs have a tendency to jump on cars with dogs inside.


Paid tours:  We limit the number of people on these tours to 20 to ensure that all participants gets a chance to ask questions and get their hands dirty (if they want).  Tours last two hours and include walking about a mile around the pasture.

To purchase a reservation for our next tour, please use our Good Eggs Webstand.  Double check that you are selecting the correct type of ticket and the correct tour.

Family Tours:  These tours have plenty of movement and time for questions from curious kids.  We focus on the daily lives of the animals and how they impact the pasture.  Although we are clear that the animals are for eating, this is not the focus of the tour.

Saturday, July 7, 2p-4p 

Adults (12+):  $15 each

Children 5-12:  $5 each

Children under 5:  Free


Adults-Only Tours:  These tours focus more on the land management side of Early Bird Ranch.  Without little ones to slow us down, we're able to cover more ground.  We'll talk about how the animals impact the land, how the land supports the animals, and why all this adds up to delicious and nutritious food.

Saturday, July 7, 10a - 12p

Adults (16+):  $15 each


Private Tours:  Contact us if you'd like to arrange a private tour of Early Bird Ranch.  We can accommodate small, focused tours with just a few people, or large groups.  We can tailor our offerings to best address your group's interest and the activity level to the desires of your group.  We can take a hike to find the LeftCoast GrassFed cattle herd, or stay close to the Early Bird Ranch hub and explore what we have to offer.  Contact us for pricing and availability.