And we're off! Egg Mobile 2.0

We have begun work on the new Egg Mobile!  Thanks to our amazing supporters at Kiva Zip, we're off and running building our new and improved Egg Mobile in time to take our chickens out for a tour of the beautiful spring grasses.

The first step was finding a mobile home trailer.  These things are amazingly strong and most folks will give them to you for free or pay you to remove them from their property.  What I love about them as a foundation for egg mobiles is that they are easy to chop up and weld together into a light, strong, and wide frame.  We aren't farming on flat ground, so our chickens need housing that is low to the ground and won't get blown over or roll down a hill.  We've made it an Early Bird Ranch policy that we prefer our customer scramble the eggs.

After trucking that giant frame back to the farm (that was an anxious drive), we welded a frame out of square steel tubing and primed it to protect it from the fog and sea air we get.  This steel is such a great building material and I really wish we had more of an artistic flare because the only thing limiting us is our creativity.  Who knows, the Egg Mobile 3.0 might end up in the Museum of Modern Art if we get a bit more free time to play with designs.  I have some very strong opinions I'd like to express through our infrastructure on the cultural zeitgeist (just kidding).

Our next steps will be to put in a floor, renovate some recycled nest boxes, install perches, and put on the roof and walls.  Stay tuned!