Meet Chicken Batch B8-071013

In other words... Batch 8, arrived on 07/10/13.   (It's not as industrial as it sounds!)

Over the next 8 weeks, we will bring you a few photos and a description of what's going on for Batch 8 as they grow.  So, here's the beginning of their story:

The 500 chickens in Batch 8 hatched on July 9, and were promptly shipped to the Pescadero Post Office.  They arrived July 10, at 9 am, and Bonnie, the post mistress, called to let us know they were here.  Bonnie is very good natured about the horrendous racket 500 peeping baby chicks make--I think she likes fielding questions about them.  

That's right, priority mail!

That's right, priority mail!


I picked them up and brought them home, and soon they were scurrying all around the brooder, figuring out the feeders and the waterer, and exploring the heated hover.  


They will get 2-3 weeks in the brooder before they are put out to pasture and running around on green grass!