Spring Surprise

Hello All!

About an hour after the Spring Equinox arrived, our newly born son decided it was time to come on out.  What a farm baby!

The process was long and hard, but after 22 hours of labor my incredibly strong and wonderful wife gave birth at home to our 8 pound 6 oz (22 inches long) son.  Both of them are in incredible health.  Shae is recovering her strength so quickly and he's been absolutely no problem.  He opened his eyes and started nursing the minute he was out!  Everything is going really well here and we are zeroing in on a name for the little guy too.  We will try to be vigilant with pictures, but in the meantime I hope these help give everyone a good idea of what we've been up to.  The first picture is Shae just a few days ago at the hunter safety course we took at TomKat Ranch.  The milking picture is actually during labor, she just wanted to be up and walking and decided she could milk.  I am simply awestruck.