First Day on The Ranch

Yesterday was our first day on Early Bird Ranch and it felt great. We arrived on Sunday from San Diego after a long and tiring drive through fourth of July traffic, but we were instantly recharged when we laid our eyes again on this beautiful land.

Enough cannot be said to thank our friend Janina and her non-profit landtrust PLANT! for helping us find and afford this land.

Before we could begin unpacking, we had to get our five lovely laying hens (still known affectionately by their baby names as 'The Peepers') out of the moving truck and set up in a paddock in the side-yard. They proved to be wonderful travelers. Aside from a couple attempts to jump out of their house and explore when we’d stop at gas stations to refill their water and feed, they stayed cool and calm for the whole ride. Impressively they took to their surroundings almost immediately and they’ve already given us three eggs and begun earnestly munching on the weeds and bugs in the yard.
As for Shae Lynn and I, we are trying this morning to get our tools and clothes unpacked as quickly as possible, so we can begin building the brooder houses for the 400 chicks and 100 turkey poults that will be arriving in 15 days! We have our work cut out for us, though, to make sure that the structures are not only warm, but safe. The ranch has a healthy assortment of four-legged and winged neighbors that would be anxious to snack on any unsecured chicken nuggets that might get out.