With ten fingers and only a few splinters I am happy to be typing that the construction yesterday went tremendously well. The brooders are just about completed and all of the heavy designing, problem solving, and moving/placement phases are done.

We started yesterday at 8:30a with the intention of getting just one brooder out in the field and ended around 8:00p with the second brooder out in the field too and nearly 75% completed. John (as featured in previous posts), Rodney (Shae’s uncle), and I just powered through the day. I was beyond impressed by our efficiency and the tireless joviality we enjoyed, that is, until we crashed and fell asleep immediately after dinner.

I am deeply moved by the kindness of those who have come from everywhere to help the farm with their hands and their advice. We got a lot done yesterday, but I also learned more about construction than I ever have before. I was inspired by the excitement of those who also believe that good food is worth struggling for. I wish I could throw in a couple jokes to temper the seriousness of my gratitude, but I am too achy for that. Basically, I owe a huge debt to John and Rodney. I’d still be out there working on the first one if it wasn’t for them, and the skills I learned will have an effect on all of the farm’s future structures, animals, and even customers.

Thank You.