Local, Transparent, and Wholesome Food

Early Bird Ranch is a small, family-run farm in Pescadero, California that raises exceptionally healthy and delicious chicken, pork, rabbit, and eggs for the families of San Mateo County and the Bay Area.

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Early Bird Ranch uses the most modern ecological farming models to reduce off-farm inputs and gives animals a supremely natural and stress-free life. We use no antibiotics or artificial fertilizers on the farm and instead rely on a natural and sustainable model for maintaining and improving the health of our animals and land. Whether it is chickens roaming freely over coastal pastures just grazed by cattle or pigs rooting and playing in the forest, Early Bird Ranch believes that trusting in millions of years of evolution is a better bet than raising animals in tight confinement on a steady diet of medications.

Our Partners

One of the most exciting things happening on Early Bird Ranch is the dynamic partnership we have forged with our landlords and friends at Left Coast Grassfed.

 Working together as two independent businesses, we are able to create a powerful synergistic relationship wherein Left Coast's cattle and Early Bird Ranch's pigs and poultry provide complementary ecological services that benefit each other and the beautiful coastal farmland that we steward.  

Put simply the beautiful grasses that surround us provide the cows with a diverse and nutritious "salad bar" that keeps them healthy and well-fed.  After the cows have had their fill and been rotated onto fresh pastures, our chickens and turkeys then follow.  While enjoying the safety and visibility of the shorter grasses, the birds spend their sunny stress-free days snacking on clover and other plants and eating all the wonderful bugs that the cows have attracted.  This phase helps to reduce populations of insects and and parasites that would otherwise stress the cows when they return and also provides nutritionally dense and low-cost protein for the chickens and turkeys.  When the poultry are ready to move on, the grasses then regrow much faster and more thickly thanks to the truly wonderful and natural fertilizers the chickens leave behind.  

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